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SMS Treasure Hunt 2014: Results

Open Category:

1st Prize: Richa Chadha

2nd Prize: Seema Wahi

3rd Prize: Amrita Sehgal

Consolation Prize: Animesh Sharma

CESA Category:

1st Prize: Juhi Peshawaria

2nd Prize: Neihal Dogra

Consolation Prize: Gayatri Suri

SJOBA Category:

1st Prize: Vaibhav Mehan

2nd Prize: Nipun Mehan

Consolation Prize: Shivam Garg

SMS Treasure Hunt 2014: Clue 10 November 2014


Final frontier either Germany or France

War it is but with a popular stance

Might be worth giving movies a glance

Fought in groups, individuals stand no chance.


Battle of the year (The dance competition).

SMS Treasure Hunt 2014: Clue 6 November 2014


To wrest the sacred site is what he willed

“I’ve identified the Redeemer,” he billed

The ensuing battle saw hundreds being killed

To dislodge this guy, perhaps water was spilled.


Juhayman Al Qtaybi.

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