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An Update from SJOBA of the Americas

Dear Members,

It’s been a fabulous year for SJOBA and SJOBA of the Americas! After meeting in California on June 21,and on September 21st in Chicago at the residence of Mr. Sutej Kapur, the western chapter of SJOBA of the Americas is ready to get together again.

The meeting in September brought to light certain opportunities that lay in front of us SJOBA members in America. Thanks to the presentations by Mac Sir, we were brought up to speed with how St. Johns is doing today and a wonderful message to us from the current principal was definitely reassuring in terms of what the alumni support means to the school and how it has been changing the face of the school every year.

SJOBA has been helping to provide resources for the school to equip itself from time to time and also be able to keep the under privileged students section going strong. The old boys then discussed about the challenges one faces, when an alumni abroad wants to help donate or contribute to the school due to certain laws prohibiting a foreign endorsement towards the school.

It was at that time that Gurpreet Dhillon sir who was present during the meeting shed some further light on the SJOBA Foundation in the US which could eventually act as a base for scholarship for SJOBA members who come to the States to pursue their careers. The plan is to have a support system for students and alumni in the states that can sustain itself over a period of time and be able to provide scholarships to the incoming college students and tax breaks to the contributors.

4 members agreed to be trustees .

Another order of business discussed during the meeting was the untapped opportunity to seamlessly connect the SJOBA members around the world with each other. So far we have evaluated various options and Ishaan has suggested a couple of digital strategies but the key here will be to get SJOBA (Chandigarh) on board as well as eventually work towards having an independent network where the alumni can connect with each other based on attributes such as occupations, subjects of study and expertise. The aim is to have a streamlined communication channel that does not create noise for our members.

All in all this has been an exciting new start to the American chapters of SJOBA. As per a strong desire expressed by Mac sir, we want to constantly and consistently keep this momentum going even when he is not in the States with us. The California chapter of SJOBA of the Americas is already planning to meet once before the end of this year.

Looking forward to an even more exciting and productive 2015!

Thank you,

Ishaan Vadhera
Batch of 2006

Sr. Account Manager | Social Athlete | Digital Presence Specialist |

Winter Fest 2014 Updates!


Dec. 21st, Sunday 10:30 a.m.
Entries are now open
(SCO 81-82 / 16-D)
(SCO 358-359 4th Floor/ 34-A)
99142 90909 / 9872008094
Forms & rules here

Vagina Monologue
(Rock Garden)
Dec 22nd, Monday: 6 p.m.
Pre booking is now open
99142 90909/ 95929 99777/ 98720 08094

MDC Gymkhana -1 Pkl
Dec.24th Wednesday: 7:30 p.m.
Bookings to commence soon.

SMS Treasure Hunt 2014: Results

Open Category:

1st Prize: Richa Chadha

2nd Prize: Seema Wahi

3rd Prize: Amrita Sehgal

Consolation Prize: Animesh Sharma

CESA Category:

1st Prize: Juhi Peshawaria

2nd Prize: Neihal Dogra

Consolation Prize: Gayatri Suri

SJOBA Category:

1st Prize: Vaibhav Mehan

2nd Prize: Nipun Mehan

Consolation Prize: Shivam Garg

SMS Treasure Hunt 2014: Clue 10 November 2014


Final frontier either Germany or France

War it is but with a popular stance

Might be worth giving movies a glance

Fought in groups, individuals stand no chance.


Battle of the year (The dance competition).

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